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Common Questions

We understand that you have a lot of questions to ask us. For your convenience we have selected a number of questions that return often, so that you can immediately have your answer. Off course you can always contact our Customer Team. We'd love to hear from you.

1. How long can I keep my chocolates?

Our chocolates do not contain any preservatives. They are made fresh, and when they arrive at your door they are often not older than a few days. To keep the best taste you should eat them within 15 days after arrival.

2. Will the chocolate melt during transport?

At Chocolateque we care for our Belgian Chocolates, both during production and transport. And we also care about you, our customers. Therefore we have designed a special package that will safeguard the premium quality of our Belgian Chocolates. The packaging will also make sure that your chocolate will not melt.

3. How to store Belgian Chocolate?

We understand that it might be hard to fight the temptation of eating all your delicious Belgian Chocolate in one go. However, you may want to remain strong and keep some to enjoy over a couple of days. But how best to store your Belgian Chocolate? Putting chocolates in the fridge may not be benificial to the taste. The aromas of other foods will quickly penetrate the chocolate. It is therefore better to keep them at room temperature in a cupboard, in a cool dry place. Eat them preferably 15 days after arrival.

4. Can I select my own Belgian Chocolates to put in a ballotin?

We know you have your favorite chocolates. And we understand it would be amazing to put together your own ballotin filled with your favorites. At this moment we are working hard to incorporate this feature on CHOCOLATEQUE. Rest assured that we will let you know exactly when we will launch this new feature. If you want to be extra, extra sure just subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom and you will be the first to know.

5. What about special or corporate orders?

Our Belgian chocolatiers do not mass-produce but instead work with small batches. They can therefore cater to your every need. Whether you are a corporate client or just someone who wants to impress his girlfriend. If you have any special wishes, our Customer Team is always ready to talk to you.

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