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Chocopedia - a Chocolate Glossary

To better understand chocolate and the creations of Frederic Blondeel, we have provided a glossary with words that are frequently used throughout Chocolateque. If something is still not clear, as always you are most welcome to contact us for more information.


This is the typical package in which chocolates are sold in Belgium. The inventor of the Ballotin was the wife of Jean Neuhaus, the inventor of the praline. A ballotin typically contains multiple layers of chocolates and exists in standard sizes (125grs, 250grs, 350grs, 500grs).
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A praline is the French word for the typical Belgian chocolate; a small filled chocolate of various size, shape and filling.


Ganache is often used as filling in the chocolates or parlines. It always consists of cream, mixed with chocolate and/or other flavours. Frederic Blondeel often experiments with Ganaches of different flavours such as Wasabi, Cardamom, Chili and others.


The chocolate truffle is perhaps one of the most well-known Belgian chocolates. It is traditionally made with a chocolate ganache center coated in cocoa powder, and usually in a spherical (ball) shape.


Chocolate tablet is another word for the typical chocolate bar. The tablets from Frederic Blondeel consist of either dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or a unique mix between milk chocolate and white chocolate. Frederic Blondeel is especially known for his tablets with high cocoa content from specific origins, such as the Ghana 85%, Sao Thomé 75% and others.
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Gianduja is also known as Gianduia. It is typically a mixture of 50% hazelnut and 50% cocoa, resulting in both a creamy and crispy filling at the same time.


Caramel is a popular filling in chocolates and consists of melted sugar.


Almonds coated with sugar and then ground to powder make praliné, a popular filling in pralines or belgian chocolates. It makes for a crunchy center with rich taste.


A Mendiant is a typical confection composed froma chocolate base upon which dried fruit and nuts are inserted. Usually these consist of a raisin, an almond, a piece of dried fig and a hazelnut.

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