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Chocolateque club

Enjoy member privileges and avant-première tasting opportunities

We admit, we are hooked on chocolate. For all people sharing our urge, we have set up the CHOCOLATEQUE Club. Our chocolatiers regularly create new chocolates, new tastes and formes.

As a member of the CHOCOLATEQUE Club you will receive these new creations in avant-premiere and before they become available in the store. You will receive these new creations together with a selection of chocolates chosen by our chocolatiers on a regular basis. The different membership possibilities are:
  • Enthousiast. Receive your new creations & chocolates quarterly (every three months).
  • Afficionado. Receive your new creations & chocolates bi-monthly.
  • Hooked. Receive your new creations & chocolates every month.
On top of this, you have a permanent 5% discount on all your purchases at CHOCOLATEQUE. For the occasional gift, party or other. You can cancel your membership at any time after the first year. Upgrading and downgrading your account are no problem at all. In the end, we want to make sure you get your regular chocolate fix the best way possible.

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